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Daily English 1193 - Reducing Food Waste

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Jon: Wait! What are you doing with that squishy tomato?

Marta: I’m tossing it. It’s no good anymore.

Jon: I’ll take it, and I’ll take that stale bread, too.

Marta: Stop! You can’t fish that out of the trash.

Jon: I’m trying to do my part to reduce food waste. Tired vegetables are still okay to eat, as are bruised fruit.

Marta: Fine, but not once they’ve been discarded. Stay out of my trash.

Jon: What are you going to do with this graying meat?

Marta: I was going to throw that out, too.

Jon: I’ll take it. I’m sure I can make something edible with it.

Marta: You can’t be serious. I’m all for doing my part, but I draw the line at eating spoiled meat.

Jon: It’s not spoiled. It’s just beyond the peak of freshness.

Marta: Well, be my guest. You can have all of this food.

Jon: And to show my thanks, I’ll invite you over to lunch tomorrow.

Marta: Thanks, but no thanks.

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