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Daily English 1197 - Reaching a Legal Settlement

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Nadia: I’m not sure about this civil lawsuit. I don’t want a long trial.

Andre: Relax. This case will never go to trial. For disputes of this kind, neither party wants to fight it out in court, so we almost always reach a settlement.

Nadia: If we do go to court, the legal fees could skyrocket. I couldn’t afford that.

Andre: If we reach a settlement, you won’t have to worry too much about that.

Nadia: All right, but what if they don’t want to admit wrongdoing?

Andre: If we reach a settlement, they don’t need to. They’ll simply pay out.

Nadia: Even if they don’t admit it, at least I’ll be able to talk freely about it.

Andre: Well, that might be a problem. Many settlements require confidentiality – from both parties.

Nadia: You mean if I settle, I can’t talk about it?

Andre: If there is a confidentiality clause, you’d be in breach of contract if you discussed the settlement.

Nadia: I didn’t know that. You mean I can’t talk about what they did to me without getting my day in court?

Andre: That’s the long and short of it.

Nadia: I guess justice is blind – but only for the rich!

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