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Daily English 1198 - Failed Government Projects

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Mariana: How long do you think it will be before the stadium is finished?

Klaus: Don’t hold your breath. The plan for the stadium is fundamentally flawed, but the government rammed it down the throats of the voters.

Mariana: Do you really think the project is doomed?

Klaus: Haven’t you heard the reports of corruption and poor management? They’re cutting corners left and right. I wouldn’t be surprised if the stadium is being built with shoddy materials.

Mariana: Then the entire thing is a joke!

Klaus: Yes, and the joke is on us. Government officials are going through the motions, not caring about the results. All they care about is lining their pockets.

Mariana: I have heard about the cost overruns. Do you think the city will ever recoup the money spent on this project?

Klaus: Maybe a little, if we can sell the entire thing as scrap metal!

Category: Government + Law