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Daily English 1204 - Controlling Information to the Media

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Pablo: Okay everybody, have a seat. The purpose of this meeting is to get everybody on the same page.

I’m passing out the fact sheet we’ve prepared. This fact sheet gives a rundown on what has happened to date so that no one is in the dark about our current situation.

We’ve also prepared these talking points. This is for internal use only. I don’t want them leaked to the media. These talking points have been prepared to help everyone stay on message. Anyone talking to the media off- script will have to answer to me.

These talking points preempt many of the possible questions you’ll be asked. We hope to take the wind out of their sails by addressing some of the media’s most likely questions up front. Any questions?

Suzanna: Um, I’ve read through these talking points and I’m still not sure how to answer one key question.

Pablo: What’s that?

Suzanna: Have we solved the huge issue that’s the cause of our current problems?

Pablo: It goes without saying that if the media ever wants a straightforward answer, our response is always “no comment.”

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