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Daily English 1206 - Outdoor Vacation Sports and Activities

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Emma: Are you ready?

Ricardo: Sure, but why are you dressed like that? I thought we were going to play golf with Kareem and Karen.

Emma: I told them we’re going rock climbing instead.

Ricardo: I was really looking forward to a game of golf.

Emma: You play golf all the time. How often do you get the chance to do other outdoor activities, such as horseback riding and zip-lining. We can do both this afternoon if you’re up for it.

Ricardo: I thought the point of this vacation was to rest and recharge.

Emma: We do need to recharge, but what we need is excitement, not rest. Maybe Kareem and Karen will want to join us tomorrow.

Ricardo: Why? What are we doing tomorrow?

Emma: How about a watersport, maybe kayaking, windsurfing, or water skiing? Too bad we can’t go scuba diving, but we can do some snorkeling.

Ricardo: I like the idea of spending some time on the water, but whale watching is more my speed.

Emma: Don’t you want to feel the wind through your hair and the excitement pumping through your veins?

Ricardo: I didn’t know you were such an adrenaline junkie.

Emma: Guilty as charged. I’m going to take skydiving lessons next month. Want to join me?

Ricardo: I consider skydiving a spectator sport!

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