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Daily English 1209 - Questioning Mental Competency

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Claire: What are you doing with all those law books? I thought you retired 20 years ago.

Ray: I’m preparing for my mental competency hearing.

Claire: Mental competency hearing? But your mind is as sharp as it has ever been.

Ray: That’s not what my children think. They are going to court to prove my diminished capacity. They are going to argue that I need aconservator for my estate.

Claire: Nobody who knows you would question your sound mind. There must be another reason for this hearing.

Ray: You’re right. My children want to get their hands on my money, and if they can prove mental incapacitation and impaired judgment, they will get power of attorney.

Claire: And if they get power of attorney…

Ray: They would get control of my company and my entire estate.

Claire: So what are you going to do?

Ray: I am going to fight fire with fire. I’m suing them.

Claire: What for?

Ray: Fraud and I can make it stick. They’re both lacking in common sense. Everybody knows you should never sue an attorney, especially a successful one!

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