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Daily English 121 - Cooking Dinner

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I'm not a very good cook but I decided to surprise my wife by making a three-course meal. I went to the supermarket to get the dessert, and I stopped by the farmer's market to get some fresh vegetables, my ingredients for the salad.

The meal would start with a salad. I washed the vegetables in the sink, chopped them up, and mixed them in a bowl with a light dressing. That was pretty easy.

The next course was going to be more difficult. The main dish would be salmon. I put the oil and the fish in the pan, but it was difficult to know when it was done, not underdone or overcooked.

The last part of the meal would be the dessert. I decided to buy a small chocolate cake. The meal turned out pretty well and my wife enjoyed it. After dinner, we went into the kitchen and saw all of the dirty dishes that needed washing. I realized that cooking isn't the hard part, it's the cleaning up!

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