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Daily English 1211 - Watching Movie and TV Franchises

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Ursula: Weren’t you watching this same movie yesterday?

Ian: No, this is the sequel. Yesterday, I watched Aims Pond. This is Aims Pond: Super Spy.

Ursula: Wasn’t this originally a TV show?

Ian: Actually, it was originally a novel, which was adapted into a long-running TV show. Then, it was turned into a movie franchise. The newinstallment is coming out next month and I can’t wait!

Ursula: The latest installment? I thought it was just a trilogy.

Ian: No, the original film has spawned four sequels and two prequels so far.

Ursula: So you’re watching all the films again?

Ian: That’s right, but I’m not stopping there. I’m watching all of the TV show episodes again, too. And if I have time, I’ll even watch the spin-off.

Ursula: Spin-off? I didn’t know there had been a spin-off.

Ian: There was. Aims Pond’s brother got his own show: Jaime Pond: Building Inspector. It wasn’t very successful.

Ursula: I guess we can call you a superfan.

Ian: That’s right. I’m a superfan of the super spy!

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