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Daily English 1219 - Expressing Disapproval

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Lucinda: Maggie and Gerry are moving in together. They want to start a family.

Thomas: I don’t approve of that. They’re not married and it’s a disgrace. Shame on them!

Lucinda: I understand your objections, but they love each other and need our support, not our condemnation.

Thomas: If I were their parents, I’d give them an earful. Someone should take them to task for making such irresponsible decisions.

Lucinda: They know what they’re doing and it’s not our place to criticize their decision.

Thomas: But I don’t have to like it. I’m not sending them a housewarming gift, that’s for sure.

Lucinda: Too late. I sent one and signed both our names.

Thomas: You did what?! How will they know I disapprove of what they’re doing when you go behind my back and do that?

Lucinda: I think your reproach will come through loud and clear.

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