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Daily English 123 - Pop and Jazz Music

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Abby: Hey, what are you listening to?

Bill: Right now I'm listening to the Foo Fighters' latest album. There are some really good tracks on this CD, including their new single.

Abby: Let me see your iPod for a minute. It looks like you've got a ton of good stuff loaded up. I like Gwen Stephanie, too, and what's this? Shakira? I had no idea you were a fan of hers.

Bill: I think she's a really talented singer and songwriter. And, well, she's hot, too.

Abby: Yeah, I bet. Let's see. You've got some great jazz and blues standards here, too. Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, and Billie Holiday. This one is a live recording, and these are compilations. You've got their greatest hits and some bootleg stuff, too. I never knew you were such a jazz buff.

Bill: Yeah, I like all kinds of music. Now, where are you going with my iPod?

Abby: I thought I'd just borrow it for a little while.

Bill: Yeah, right. Hand it over. I've got to download my favorite podcast.

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