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Daily English 1231 - Feeding a Large Family on a Small Budget

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Paresh: Are you shopping for an army?

Sandy: Oh hi, Paresh. No, my three nephews have come to live with me. I’m not sure how I’m going to feed them on a tight budget.

Paresh: My mother was a master at making a little go a long way. There are seven kids in my family.

Sandy: What did she do?

Paresh: She only bought fruits and vegetables that were in season and generic or store brands.

Sandy: I’m trying to do that and also buying only staples.

Paresh: My mother also bought in bulk and stocked up when things were on sale.

Sandy: I’ll need to start doing that.

Paresh: She was also able spend less by using some time-tested recipes. She planned meals for an entire week and each ingredient did double duty. Nothing went to waste.

Sandy: That sounds like a good plan.

Paresh: My mom also never turned her nose up at day-old bread or marked down food. She was amazing and she made it work.

Sandy: I need to take a cue from your mother. I love those boys but they’re going to eat me out of house and home!

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