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Daily English 1233 - Improving Flexibility and Mobility

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Rashida: Hi, I’m Rashida and I’m your physical therapist. I’m here to help you regain flexibility and mobility after your accident.

Phil: I’m really not sure I need a physical therapist. I can move around pretty well right now.

Rashida: Aren’t you feeling stiffness in your arms and tightness in your shoulders?

Phil: Not really.

Rashida: Try lifting your arms over your head.

Phil: See? I’m fine.

Rashida: You can’t lift them above your shoulders. I can help you improve your range of motion. Now let’s check out your hips and legs.

Phil: There’s nothing wrong with my hips and legs!

Rashida: Can you bend at the waist and touch your toes? Are you able to squat?

Phil: I probably could if I stretched and limbered up.

Rashida: I think you need more than stretching. I’ll work you through some exercises that will strengthen your muscles and loosen scar tissue. You’ll be able to move more freely. Don’t you want that?

Phil: W…W…Will it hurt?

Rashida: Only a little. Let’s get started.

Phil: Ow, ow, ow!

Rashida: We haven’t started yet.

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