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Daily English 1235 - Joining a Secret Society

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Nathan: Can you keep a secret?

Mia: Sure.

Nathan: I’ve been initiated into a secret society at school. I’m one of the chosen few.

Mia: Is it supposed to be a big deal?

Nathan: Of course it is. It’s very exclusive. Not many people are invited to join.

Mia: But what’s the purpose of this secret society?

Nathan: Well, we have a secret handshake and we have some really mysterious rites and rituals.

Mia: What kinds of rites and rituals?

Nathan: I can’t tell you. I’ve been sworn to secrecy.

Mia: But what is the purpose of the society? Do you have some goal to accomplish, some reason for existence?

Nathan: The point is that the members are bound by an allegiance to each other and to the society.

Mia: You mean like you’d take a bullet for each other?

Nathan: Well, no.

Mia: Or protect each other at all costs, even by lying and cheating?

Nathan: No, at least I wouldn’t.

Mia: Then what does it all amount to?

Nathan: If anyone asks us about it, we deny its existence. We have a secret that no one else knows.

Mia: Not anymore.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Daily Life