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Daily English 1239 - Sharing an Online Account

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Sara: Hello, customer service. How may I help you today?

Gabriel: Hello. I noticed some suspicious activity on my account and I want to find out if there’s been unauthorized access.

Sara: Let’s take a look. Your account history shows purchases nearly every day beginning two weeks ago.

Gabriel: That’s the problem. I haven’t made any purchases.

Sara: Do you have a shared account, by any chance?

Gabriel: Yes, I have a household account that’s shared by my entire family. My wife has full access, but my children only have restricted access.

Sara: I’m afraid that’s not showing in your account preferences. Both of your children have full access.

Gabriel: Even so, they know not to abuse their privileges. They wouldn’t buy things without asking my wife or me first.

Sara: Are you sure, sir? I show that both of your children have accessed the account regularly. In fact, they’re both logged on right now.

Gabriel: They are? What are they doing?

Sara: They’re in the process of buying several more items and are checking out.

Gabriel: Stop them! This is an emergency. Shut down my account.

Sara: I’m not sure I can do that, sir. Perhaps you can stop them on your end.

Gabriel: I’ll stop them all right. Just wait ‘til I get my hands on those two!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Shopping