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Daily English 125 - Moving

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Edmundo: What are you doing?

Ruth: Oh, I'm packing. My lease is up at the end of the month and I'm moving to Vancouver for six months while my boyfriend is finishing his degree at the university.

Edmundo: Oh, wow, are you moving yourself or are you using a moving company?

Ruth: I'm renting a U-Haul and doing it myself. I'm putting some of my furniture in storage since we plan to move back here after he graduates.

Edmundo: Can I help? Do you need me to forward your mail?

Ruth: Thanks for the offer. I've submitted a change-of-address form to the post office so I hope my mail will get forwarded automatically. One thing I have to remember to do is to shut off the utilities—gas, electricity, and phone—but I'll have two more weeks to do that.

Edmundo: Well, good luck in Vancouver. I don't envy you. I hate moving. Let me know if you need any help with those boxes.

Ruth: Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

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