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Daily English 1251 - Getting a Confession

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Andy: I got it! I got a confession.

Diane: You got a confession out of that suspect? How did you do it? We’ve been after that guy for days.

Andy: I put the pressure on and he buckled.

Diane: Did you make threats?

Andy: Of course I made threats. It’s an interrogation, not a tea party.

Diane: The confession is no good if it’s coerced.

Andy: I may have gone over the line a little, but who’s to know?

Diane: He knows and any half-decent lawyer will make mincemeat out of that confession. He’ll get it thrown out of court in a heartbeat.

Andy: I leaned on him a little hard, but it’s not like I put the screws on him.

Diane: You have a lot to learn.

Andy: Do you think I should go back in there and talk to him?

Diane: Stay out of there. You’ve done enough damage. Rookies!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Government + Law