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Daily English 1254 - Being Under a Corrupting Influence

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Ann: I don’t like our son watching those films and reading those books. They’re corrupting his mind.

Elio: I don’t like it either, but he’s old enough to read and watch what he likes without our interference.

Ann: But they’re brainwashing him! Those books and films are full of evil, perverted ideas.

Elio: They’re certainly blasphemous and profane. I agree with you. But what can we do? Maybe his interest in them will be short-lived.

Ann: Even if he loses interest, we’ll have to find a way to reverse the damage that’s been done. He’ll need to be deprogramed.

Elio: Maybe their effect will be short-lived, too. Deep down he’s a good kid. We both know that.

Ann: Yes, but those ideas are dangerous. I hope he doesn’t act on them.

Elio: Don’t even think it. That would spell disaster.

Ann: All right, I’ll only think good thoughts.

Elio: Good.

Ann: Where are you going?

Elio: I’m hoping for the best, but just in case, it doesn’t hurt to monitor what he’s saying on social media.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Relationships + Family