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Daily English 1257 - Repairing Damage to an Auto Body

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Miles: It’s something, isn’t it?

Yuki: Yeah, it’s something all right. Where did you get this heap?

Miles:My uncle sold it to me. This car has been sitting in his garage for years and he finally said I could have it for a good price. I need some auto body work done on it. There’s a little damage and I want to make it look good again.

Yuki: A little damage?! The bumpers are falling off and the frame is bent. Was this car in an accident? I’m worried about its structural integrity.

Miles:It was in a small accident, but none of these cosmetic things affects how it runs.

Yuki: I mean there are dents and dings everywhere, and paint scratches so deep you might need to get a whole new paint job.

Miles:I’m sure you can work your magic on it and make it look new again.

Yuki: Wait a second. There’s rust all over the undercarriage.

Miles:When do you think you can have it ready for me to pick up?

Yuki: It’s ready now.


Yuki: Yes, this car is ready for you to pick up and take to a salvage yard!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Transportation