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Daily English 1258 - Causes of Plane Crashes

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Angelica: So the book I’m writing starts with a plane crash.

Corey: What caused it?

Angelica: It doesn’t matter. That’s not part of the story.

Corey: But characters have backstories, so you should have a backstory for the plane crash.

Angelica: Okay, the plane crashed because of mechanical failure, or better yet, pilot error.

Corey: What happened? Was it because the pilot misread the instruments or had a problem navigating?

Angelica: I don’t know.

Corey: Maybe he or she was incapacitated due to an illness. What kind of illness?

Angelica: Forget it. Let’s say instead that it happened because of an act of God.

Corey: Like a lightning strike? That’s not very likely.

Angelica: Okay, how about some problem with the flight crew that caused the cabin to depressurize and the plane to go into a tailspin.

Corey: What was the problem with the fight crew?

Angelica: It doesn’t matter!

Corey: Maybe a member of the flight crew was a hijacker and it was an act of terrorism.

Angelica: Okay, let’s say that’s what happened. Happy?

Corey: But wait! Who was the terrorist? What were his aims and what was his cause?

Angelica: You know what? I think you should put that in your book!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Travel