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Daily English 1265 - Watching a Fight

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Adrian: Hey, there’s a fight going on outside. Let’s go!

Paul: Those guys are really going at it.

Adrian: Yeah, they’re going all out. Did you see that? He just sucker punched the other guy.

Paul: They’re not really fighting fair, are they?

Adrian: No, this is a knock-down, drag-out fight—the best kind! Deck him!

Paul: I don’t really want to watch these guys pummeling each other. Want to go?

Adrian: Are you kidding?! This is the best entertainment I’ve seen in months. Nice uppercut, but watch out for the other guy’s jab. Oh, he just took a bad blow to the head.

Paul: This is getting ugly. Next, we’ll get hair pulling.

Adrian: Oh, did you see that head-butt? I think we have a knockout.

Paul: Okay, if that’s true, then the fight is over. Can we leave now?

Adrian: Wait! The guy is getting up. I think we might get a second round. Hey, where are you going? You don’t have the stomach for a little fight?

Paul: It’s not the fight. What I can’t stomach is being around someone who is as bloodthirsty as you are!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Entertainment + Sports