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Daily English 1266 - Being a Refugee

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Sara: How’s work been?

Tarek: Really hard. Our agency is working to resettle refugees who have fled McQuillanland because of the armed conflict there.

Sara: It must be so difficult to be displaced and have few possessions.

Tarek: You don’t know the half of it. Some are in refugee camps and some are in detention centers. They’re overcrowded and the already poor conditions are deteriorating. There simply isn’t an infrastructure to support an influx this big.

Sara: At least they’re under protection until they can be resettled.

Tarek: If they’re resettled. If we can’t find countries willing to take them, they may be repatriated.

Sara: But what if they won’t go back?

Tarek: Then they’ll be stateless. There aren’t many good options for asylum seekers.

Sara: I feel so bad for everyone in McQuillanland.

Tarek: I totally agree. You’re damned if you leave and damned if you stay!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Government + Law