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Daily English 1269 - Problems with the Heating System

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[Doorbell rings]

Dan: Hello, I’m Dan. I’m here to fix your heating system.

Janice: Oh, when I put in the service call, I didn’t expect a repairperson to come out the same day.

Dan: I just finished another repair in the neighborhood and the company told me to come by. How long has it been on the fritz?

Janice: Well, the boiler hasn’t worked for two months. We used it to heat the basement.

Dan: But you just called for repairs today.

Janice: I didn’t call about the boiler. I called about our radiators. The radiators heat the original part of the house. But we’re also having problems with the furnace for our central heating system, which heats the extension.

Dan: You mean you have two different heating systems in one house?

Janice: It’s an old house. Each system was installed at a different time.

Dan: So you could have problems with more than one thermostat, heating element, fan, or set of ductwork.

Janice: I know that we should install one system for the whole house, but that would be expensive.

Dan: More expensive than fixing two separate systems?

Janice: Is this going to cost a lot?

Dan: I’m afraid so.

Janice: Well, we can’t afford expensive repairs. I guess we’ll have to use these.

Dan: What are those?

Janice: Space heaters.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

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