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Daily English 1271 - Disapproving of a Remarriage


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Ellie: I don't believe it. I just got off the phone with my mother and she dropped a bombshell.

Laurent: What did she tell you?

Ellie: She’s thinking of remarrying.

Laurent: Are your parents divorced?

Ellie: No, my mother is a widow. My father passed away eight years ago.

Laurent: Oh, I’m sorry. You don’t approve of your prospective stepfather?

Ellie: Uh, don’t use that term. I don't like or dislike him. It’s just that my mother should not be remarrying—period. She should stay true to my father’s memory.

Laurent: After eight years?

Ellie: Theirs was a picture-perfect marriage. How could she forget about it and take up with this other guy?

Laurent: Don’t you want your mother to move on and be happy?

Ellie: By replacing my father with this new guy?

Laurent: I’m sure she’s not trying to replace him. She just wants a new love in her life.

Ellie: My father was the love of her life. This other guy is a pale substitute.

Laurent: Can’t you just be happy for her?

Ellie: I’m never betraying my father’s memory.

Laurent: Does that mean you’ll never marry?

Ellie: Well, no, I can stay true to my father’s memory and still get married.

Laurent: So can your mother!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Relationships + Family