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Daily English 1276 - Using an On-site Daycare

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Amanda: I love the subway.

Felix: I do, too, but it really annoys me when people hog more than one seat, like that guy over there.

Amanda: Yeah, and I hate it when you’re trying to get on the train and the passengers who are blocking the doors won’t move out of the way.

Felix: Oh, even worse is when you’re trying to get off the train and people who want to get on won’t wait until you get off.

Amanda: That’s totally annoying!

Felix: Even worse is when the train is full and people squeeze to get on when there’s no more room!

Amanda: So true! I also hate it when people fall asleep and start invading my space. Last week, a guy fell asleep next to me and dropped into my lap. Gross!

Felix: What about when you’re holding onto a pole and somebody’s hand bumps yours and they don’t move away? That’s really annoying.

Amanda: Oh look, there’s a pregnant woman on the other end of the train and those guys aren’t giving up their seats for her. What jerks!

Felix: Yeah, what jerks! At least we don’t have any singers, dancers, or loud entertainers on this train. I hate it when they start performing.

Amanda: Actually, I kind of like it when people perform. It helps to pass the time.

Felix: Yeah, now that I think about it, I guess I do, too. I love the subway.

Amanda: Me, too.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Transportation