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Daily English 1279 - Baking for People with Dietary Restrictions

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Gemma: I think we should have a bake sale. We’ll raise lots of money for our school.

Sebastian: A bake sale sounds good, but it’s too much trouble.

Gemma: How much trouble can it be to bake a few cookies and cakes?

Sebastian: It’s not as simple as that. We have to be careful selling baked goods to people with dietary restrictions.

Gemma: Like what?

Sebastian: Some people have ethical concerns. Vegans, for example, don’t want any animal products in their food.

Gemma: Like eggs and milk?

Sebastian: That’s right. And other people have medical problems or conditions. Diabetics, for instance, want their baked goods made with sugar substitutes, and people who are lactose intolerant want dairy substitutes.

Gemma: No sugar? No dairy?

Sebastian: And there is a whole slew of allergies to consider, like people who have celiac disease, those who can’t eat gluten, and those who are allergic to wheat or peanuts.

Gemma: Wow, when did life get so complicated? How about a rummage sale instead?

Sebastian: Good idea.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Food + Drink