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Daily English 1282 - Working in a Scientific Field

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Ira: It’s amazing that everybody in your family works in the sciences.

Shirley: Yeah, my parents are both in the social sciences. My father is a psychologist and my mother is an economist.

Ira: And your sister Shonda?

Shirley: She’s an astronomer. She initially wanted to study physics, but changed her mind. Her partner is a geologist.

Ira: Is your brother also in astronomy?

Shirley: No, he’s a biologist and his wife does chemistry research.

Ira: How about your other brother? What does he do?

Shirley: Um, we don’t . . . I mean he’s not involved in the social sciences, life sciences, or physical sciences.

Ira: If I remember correctly, he was always good at math and liked computers. Is he in computer science?

Shirley: No, he’s not. All right, he’s a writer, but we have every confidence that he’ll grow out of it.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Daily Life