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Daily English 1287 - Using Adapters and Converters

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Ben: Wait! Don’t plug that into the socket. You’ll fry that old hair dryer.

Nicola: I can’t, anyway. This plug has two prongs and that socket is designed for three prongs.

Ben: That’s why I brought these adapters and this combination converter and transformer. Our devices will either not work or be ruined if we try plugging them directly into those outlets.

Nicola: I should have bought a travel hair dryer with dual voltage.

Ben: You’d still need an adapter.

Nicola: Whatever. Okay, I’ve put them both on. Now can I dry my hair?

Ben: You can’t use that hair dryer because the cord is frayed. If you turn it on, it may short circuit and then blow a fuse. We’d be without electricity.

Nicola: What am I supposed to do then?

Ben: Good thing I brought mine. Let me just check that the outlet is grounded. Yeah, I think it’s safe for you to use this one.

Nicola: I won’t get electrocuted?

Ben: You won’t even get a little singed.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

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