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Daily English 1289 - Problems With Drinking Water

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Yulia: Wait! Don’t drink that.

Jack: Why not? I’m really thirsty.

Yulia: That’s a standing pool of water. There could be all kinds of microorganisms living in there.

Jack: Fine, but somebody should have brought more water for this long walk.

Yulia: I know. It’s my fault. Hey, there’s a cabin. Maybe there’s somebody there who can give us some water. Do you see a well?

Jack: No, no well, and I don’t see an outdoor faucet either. In fact, I don’t see any signs of life inside. But hey, the door is unlocked.

Yulia: Are you sure we should just walk in?

Jack: I’m not dying of thirst just because you’re afraid to go in. Oh no! Nothing comes out of the tap. Let’s see if there are any water tanks or rain barrels out back.

Yulia: I’m not drinking rainwater or runoff from the roof.

Jack: Suit yourself, but here’s a tub of water.

Yulia: Wait! You don’t know if that’s potable. It could be untreated water with sewage or worse.

Jack: You can wait for some nice filtered water, but I’m not picky. I just need to quench my thirst.

Yulia: You should at least boil it first. Oh my God, I just saw something swimming in it!

Jack: I’m sure it’s willing to share.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Health + Medicine