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Daily English 129 - A Flaky Friend

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Shawn: What's the matter? You look like you're about to blow your lid.

Rick: Yeah, let's just say I'm not happy.

Shawn: That's putting it lightly. What's up?

Rick: My friend Steve was supposed to come by here after work to give me a ride home. I lent him my car so he could take his girlfriend out for the day. I've been waiting 45 minutes and he's a no-show. I should have known better than to count on a flake like him.

Shawn: Maybe something came up. Have you tried calling him on his cell phone?

Rick: Yeah, I have and there's no answer. I can't believe he's left me high and dry.

Shawn: Tell you what. I'm almost done with my report. If you can wait another 15 minutes, I'll give you a lift home.

Rick: Really? That would be great.

Shawn: It's no big deal. But, I definitely don't want to be there when you find Steve.

Category: Relationships + Family