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Daily English 1290 - Describing Car Speed and Power

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:07
Explanation begins at: 4:06
Normal Speed begins at: 21:14

Martin: Did you see that? It’s the new McQ. It does 0 to 60 in four seconds. It has amazing performance.

Asta: That car? I guess it’s nice. I like the color.

Martin: Color?! Who cares about the color? The McQ is supposed to top out at 155, but it’s been clocked at 160. Can you imagine?

Asta: No, I can’t.

Martin: It has more horsepower than any car on the market and amazing torque. You wouldn’t believe the RPMs.

Asta: So it can go fast?

Martin: Yeah, it can go fast. It’s supposed to be really responsive, too, and the reviews say that the acceleration is really smooth. I bet that’s because of the tuning.

Asta: I like cars with more trunk space.

Martin: You don’t drive a car like the McQ for its storage capacity. You drive it for speed.

Asta: My cousin doesn't like it that much. He says it doesn’t have enough legroom.

Martin: What?! Your cousin owns a McQ?

Asta: Yes, but he only drives it when his Ediger is in the shop.

Martin: How is it possible that I’ve known you for years and this is the first time you’ve mentioned this cousin to me? You know that I’m the biggest car enthusiast in the world, don’t you?

Asta: My cousin isn’t in town very often. He’s usually traveling to races.

Martin: Your cousin is a racecar driver?

Asta: Yes, didn’t I mention that either?

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Transportation