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Daily English 1299 - Trading Insults

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Alan: Look at you! Did you get a haircut or did your head get stuck in a weed-whacker?

Doris: Look who’s talking. Maybe you should do something different with your hair, like wash it.

Alan: Oh, burn. That would have been a nice comeback if it weren’t so dumb. Who taught you your one-liners? A friend? Oh, I forgot. You don’t have any.

Doris: I think you’ve confused me with someone else – you!

Alan: You couldn’t come up with your own put-down so you had to borrow mine? How humiliating for you.

Doris: Not as humiliating as having to walk around with that face. I have something that’ll improve it: a paper bag!

Alan: Oh, clever. I knew better insults when I was six years old.

Doris: You mean the same mental age you are now?

Alan: Give it up. Nobody can one up me in trading insults. Your brain is no match for mine.

Doris: You’re right. You’re a person of rare intelligence. You rarely show any!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Relationships + Family