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Daily English 1302 - Complaining About Parents

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Winnie: I can’t believe it. My dad is so clueless.

Finn: What did he do now?

Winnie: He gave me permission to go to Gabi’s party, but I have to be home by 11 p.m. because of my curfew.

Finn: At least he’s letting you go. My mom is so overprotective that she won’t let me go to any parties.

Winnie: Unbelievable! Do your parents get on your case all the time like mine do?

Finn: Yeah! My mom is always nagging me to do my homework and then complains that I spend too much time by myself in my room rather than with the family.

Winnie: At least your parents don’t tell you what you can wear. My mom still wants to pick out my clothes! What am I, five?

Finn: My parents are worse. They’re always comparing me to my smarter brothers. I’m a huge disappointment to them. I’m always coming up short.

Winnie: My parents are never satisfied either. They’re always saying that my grades aren’t good enough and my attitude needs improving.

Finn: At least your parents don’t embarrass you by fighting all the time, even in public.

Winnie: We have such hard lives. Nobody understands us.

Finn: I know. Nobody in history has ever suffered as much as we have!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Relationships + Family