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Daily English 1303 - Disputing an Incorrect Bill

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Regina: Hello, this is Horizon. My name is Regina. How may I help you today?

Bob: I’m calling to dispute my bill. There’s a billing error.

Regina: Let me take a look at your statement. Your last bill was $650 and it is past due.

Bob: It’s past due because this is the third time I’ve called to report the problem, but my bill still hasn’t been corrected. My bill is normally $65 a month.

Regina: I’m looking at your account and I don't see a record of any previous calls about this problem.

Bob: I called last week and the week before. Look, I just want to get this sorted out so I can pay my bill before my service is disconnected.

Regina: I understand. Your bill may reflect changes you’ve made to your usage plan, such as upgrading to a more expensive plan.

Bob: I’ve made no changes to my usage plan. I’ve had the same plan for eight months.

Regina: Your bill may also reflect overage charges if you went over your allotted minutes or data.

Bob: I haven’t gone over my limit. Can my case be escalated so that I can speak with a supervisor?

Regina: Certainly, sir. Let me have a supervisor call you back when she’s available.

Bob: Will that be today?

Regina: I can’t tell you that, sir.

Bob: I just hope she calls me back before my service is [call ends].

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Daily Life