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Daily English 137 - Meeting an Out of Town Friend

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Lucy: Hey Jeff, have you met my friend?

Jeff: No, I don't think I have.

Lucy: Well, this is my oldest and best friend, Marlene. She's visiting from out of town.

Jeff: Hi, I'm Jeff.

Marlene: Hi, it's nice meeting you.

Jeff: How long do you plan to be in town?

Marlene: I'm here for the long weekend, staying with Lucy. We're doing some catching up and I'm getting a break from work.

Jeff: Oh, what line of work are you in? Are you in the same field as Lucy?

Marlene: No, I'm in medicine. I'm a doctor actually, a pediatrician. I enjoy the work but it's nice to get away for a few days. What kind of work do you do?

Jeff: I work in the education field but what I really want to do is to become a professional singer.

Lucy: Jeff has a great voice. He sounds exactly like Frank Sinatra.

Marlene: Really?

Jeff: No, she's just kidding and Lucy knows that I can't sing. We went to a karaoke bar once and people actually offered me money NOT to sing.

Lucy: That was a lot of fun. We should do that again sometime.

Jeff: Sure, anytime. Oh, I'd better go. It was nice meeting you Marlene, and Lucy, I'll talk to you next week.

Marlene: Nice to meet you, too.

Lucy: Okay, later.

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