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Daily English 142 - At a Nightclub

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My friend Sabrina and I decided to go out dancing last weekend. We went to a club called the Fine Line and when we got there, there was long line outside. That's one thing I hate about L.A. clubs. The hottest ones have long lines and it's hard to get in unless you're on the VIP list. Sometimes, the bouncer will pick cute girls out of line and let them in.

Sabrina always gets attention when we go out together and the bouncer noticed her right away. We paid the cover charge and got our wristbands.

The first thing we did was to head over to the bar.

Andrea: The music is pretty good. Hey, is that Jeff on the dance floor over there? He's so hot.

Sabrina: Where? Over there by the stage? Let's go see.

Jeff: Hey, did you guys just get here?

Sabrina: Yeah. Who are you here with?

Jeff: The DJ is a friend of mine. I came with him and some of his friends. We have a private room in the back. Do you guys want to come check it out?

Andrea: Sure.

Sabrina: Definitely.

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