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Daily English 144 - Who Pays?

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David: Hey, Sally. Can I run something by you?

Sally: Sure, what's up?

David: Well, a friend of a friend wanted some help with her taxes and we agreed that we would talk about it over dinner. At the end of the night, when the check came, she expected me to pay! It was really awkward. It wasn't a date and I was doing her a favor! Am I crazy or was she taking advantage of me?

Sally: It definitely sounds like she took advantage of your generosity. If she was asking a favor, she should have paid. No question.

David: The thing is, I thought she was really pretty and I wanted to ask her out after I met her. But, now I'm not sure.

Sally: Well, I think that unless you asked her out, you shouldn't have to pay for her. And, these days, a lot of people go Dutch even if one person asks out the other. Based on what happened the other night, I'd stay away from this woman. That is, unless you don't mind being her sugar daddy.

David: Yeah, right. I'm too broke to be anybody's sugar daddy, even if I wanted to. I think you're right. That will be the last I see of her.

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