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Daily English 153 - A Complaint Letter to a Tour Company

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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing regarding a tour that my wife and I took with your company on February 26, 2006. The brochure stated that we would see some of the most interesting sights of the city. Since we had visited the city before, we looked forward to seeing some new attractions.

On the morning of February 26, our tour guide picked us up in a small van. It did not look like any tour bus I had ever seen. Our tour guide drove us to the waterfront area and said that we could explore the area on our own. The tour guide said that he had to leave for a short time to arrange for our lunch.

By the time the tour guide came back, three hours had gone by! I was very angry and confronted him. I told him that this was the worst tour I had ever been on.

I am asking for a complete refund of the price of the tour. Please send a check to the address above for $150.00 at your earliest convenience. I have enclosed a copy of the receipt for the tour.

Kayne East

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