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Daily English 155 - A Good Review of a Play

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I invited Bruce to a play at the Mark Taper Forum and we got there a little early. We handed our tickets to the woman at the door and found our seats.

Megan: I’m glad we got here early to find our seats. I know that this is a sold out performance.

Bruce: The cast is supposed to be really good. I read a rave review of the play in the paper last week. The review said that the leads are perfectly cast and the directing is inspired. Federica saw it a couple of weeks ago and she said that the staging and the costumes were really something to see.

Megan: I’m really glad. The last time I came to a play at this theater, it was a bomb. The two lead actors weren’t up to their parts and the whole production was amateur. It closed early after only two weeks.

Bruce: That won’t happen with this play. Hey, they’re dimming the lights. The curtain should be going up any minute

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