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Daily English 163 - Saving and Spending Money

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In my family, there are penny-pinchers and spendthrifts, and everything in between. My brother Frank has the reputation for being stingy with money. He likes to save up and only spend when he has to. I bet he has a lot stashed away. He's careful with money but he does spend it when he thinks it's necessary, and his wife and kids are very comfortable.

On the other hand, my brother Jack is known as a spendthrift. It's not that he's a big spender or a high roller. It's just that he's not very careful with money and doesn't think it's that important. When he has it, he doesn't think twice about spending it. With his friends, he's generous to a fault.

So, what am I? A penny-pincher or a spendthrift? I guess I'm a little of both. It depends on who's asking and how much they want to borrow.

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