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Daily English 164 - Seeing a Specialist

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I went to see my doctor because I had a nagging pain in my leg. After he examined me and ran some routine tests, he suggested that I go see a specialist. I made an appointment with Dr. Sloap.

Dr. Sloap: Good morning. How are you today?

Simon: I’m fine, Dr. Slope. My GP, Dr. Harding, referred me to you. He thought that you might be able to diagnose the problem with my leg.

Dr. Sloap: Well, let’s take a look…Hmm…I want to order some tests but I think you may need surgery. It’s a simple procedure and it will relieve your pain.

Simon: So, it’s not a high risk operation?

Dr. Sloap: No, not at all. It’s quite routine.

Simon: Are there any other treatment options?

Dr. Sloap: Not that I’d recommend. This is the best course of treatment in my opinion.

I was really surprised by what Dr. Slope said. I really didn’t want to have surgery. I think I’d better get a second opinion before going under the knife.

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