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Daily English 173 - Buying Souvenirs

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I was vacationing in Miami, Florida, and I went into a souvenir store to get some gifts for friends back home.

Lydia: Could you show me where the T-shirts are?

Clerk: Sure, they’re on the left, along the wall. Can I help you find something?

Lydia: I’d like to get a T-shirt, but I’m not sure about the size. It’s for a friend who is about your size.

Clerk: Well, in that case, you'll need a large. I only have these in medium or small, but I have these two in size large.

Lydia: Do you have anything in another color or another style?

Clerk: How about this one?

Lydia: That’s great. Could you also recommend a gift for a young woman?

Clerk: We have a lot of locally-made items. I don’t think you want a mug, a key chain, or a snow globe. But, how about some jewelry?

Lydia: Oh, this bracelet is nice. How much is it?

Clerk: It’s on sale for $36.

Lydia: Okay. I’ll take the T-shirt and the bracelet. Do you have a box for the bracelet?

Clerk: Sure, no problem. That will be $59.60 with tax.

Lydia: There you go.

Clerk: Here’s your change. Thanks for coming in!

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