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Daily English 180 - Airport Layover

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I was going to see a friend of mine in Oklahoma City and decided to use my frequent flyer miles. I booked a flight, but the only one they had had a long layover in Denver.

I had three hours to kill and I decided to get something to eat at the food court. Unfortunately, I didn’t check my bags and had my roller bag and carry on with me. I lugged them with me, but when I got to the food court, all of the tables were taken.

Man: Do you want to share my table?

Ann: Oh, uh, thanks. That would be great. It’s packed in here.

Man: Yeah, it’s always like this on Friday afternoons.

Ann: You must travel a lot.

Man: Yeah, it’s part of my job. It looks like you’ve got a lot of stuff with you. Do you want me to keep an eye on it while you get your food?

Ann: Thanks, but I think I’ll take it with me. But, if you could save this seat for me, that would be great.

Man: Sure. You got it.

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