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Daily English 198 - Starting a Band

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At work one afternoon, my friend Michael asked me if I wanted to help him start a band. I was really surprised because I didn’t even know Michael was a musician. As it turns out, not only was Michael a good guitarist, he was also a good songwriter. He wanted to get together a band and maybe start playing some gigs.

I was interested, but I wasn’t sure if my voice was good enough to be the lead singer. After hearing me sing, Michael said that he thought I was. With me in the band, we still needed a drummer and a bass player. My sister wanted to be a back-up singer for the band, but we didn’t think we needed one yet.

We auditioned a lot of people and found our other two band members. They had their own instruments and even had the sound equipment we’d need. We start rehearsal next week. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get a demo made soon and get hired as an opening act for another band. And, who knows? You may be seeing us as headliners in your city before too long.

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