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Daily English 201 - Making a Bet

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Suzanna: Hey, the back of the line is over there.

Ivan: I was here. I just stepped out of line for a minute to get some cash.

Suzanna: Yeah, right. I don’t remember you being in line ahead of me.

Ivan: Come on. Let’s do this. We’ll flip for it. If it’s heads, I win and I get to get back into line. If it’s tails, you win and I’ll go to the back of the line.

Suzanna: All right. I’ll take those odds. You’re on.

Ivan: Here goes…Oh, it’s heads! I win.

Suzanna: I guess it’s your lucky day.

Ivan: I guess so. How about going double or nothing?

Suzanna: What are the stakes?

Ivan: If it’s tails and you win, I go to the back of the line and I have to buy you a drink when we get inside. If It’s heads and I win, I get in back in line in front of you and you buy me a drink.

Suzanna: So, no matter what happens I have to have a drink with you?

Ivan: That’s the idea. What do you say?

Suzanna: Okay, you talked me into it. Let’s see if your luck will hold up.

Ivan: I’ve got a good feeling it will.

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