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Daily English 211 - Giving Bad News and Condolences

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I was at the hospital at with my friend, Wendy. Her father was in an accident and she was waiting to talk to the doctor.

Doctor: Hello, I’m Dr. Johnson. How are you holding up?

Wendy: Oh, I’m fine. Is there any news?

Doctor: Yes. I have examined your father’s test results and I’m afraid the news isn’t good. His condition has deteriorated rapidly, and I want you to prepare for the worst.

Wendy: You’re not saying that he won’t recover, are you?

Doctor: We can hope for the best, but your father may only have a few days. I’m very sorry.

Wendy: Can I see my father?

Doctor: Yes, of course.


The worst did happen and Wendy’s father passed away the following week. At both the wake and the funeral, we all tried to console Wendy by saying things like, “I’m sorry for your loss,” “Please accept my condolences,” and “My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.”

The funeral director made sure that the funeral service went smoothly. The eulogy was short and I went with Wendy to the burial. It was a difficult time for Wendy but hopefully, having her family and friends with her made it more bearable.

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