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Daily English 222 - Alternative Medicine

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I have been suffering from back pain for years. I’ve tried several treatments prescribed by my doctor, but nothing has had a lasting effect. I finally decided to try alternative medicine.

My friend, Amelia, swore by acupuncture. She said that her knee pain went away after only a few weeks of therapy. She was skeptical when she first started, but she knew after only a few sessions that it was working for her and that this was no New Age nonsense. She thought it might work for me, too.

My co-worker, Ray, suggested that I try some homeopathic treatments. He said that taking herbal supplements that are all natural has helped him recover after getting injured on the job a couple of months ago. He took these as complementary to the traditional medication his doctor gave him. He said that even though the herbs he takes haven’t undergone clinical trials, his own experience told him that they work.

I’m a little nervous about trying these unorthodox treatments, but after hearing about Amelia’s and Ray’s experiences, I’m willing to give them a try. Nothing has worked so far, so what do I have to lose?

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