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Daily English 223 - A Mistake in the Hotel Bill

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Hotel clerk: Here’s the bill for your four-night stay. Would you like the incidentals charged to your credit card?

May: Incidentals? I think there’s some mistake. I didn’t order any pay-per-view movies and I never ordered room service. And, I didn’t have any spa services, either.

Hotel clerk: Are you sure? We show three movies and two room service orders.

May: I’m positive. Could I speak to a supervisor, please?

Hotel clerk: He’s not on duty right now, but let me see if I can resolve this for you. How many of these charges were made in error?

May: All of the them. Is it possible that my bill was switched with another room’s? As I said, I didn’t order any movies, I haven’t had any room service, and I haven’t visited the spa since I checked in to the hotel.

Hotel clerk: I see. I’ll need to check with each of those departments to determine whether a mistake has been made.

May: How long will this take?

Hotel clerk: Not long, I’m sure. If you could take a seat in the lobby...

May: I have a plane to catch and I don’t have a lot of time. Is there a general manager I can speak to?

Hotel clerk: I’m not sure. If you’ll have a seat, I’ll see if I can get Ms. Cardenes for you.

May: Thank you. I’d appreciate it.

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