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Daily English 227 - Describing Symptoms to a Doctor

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Dr. van Eyck: Good morning, I’m Dr. van Eyck. I understand that you’re not feeling well.

Nico: That’s right, doctor. I’ve had a stomachache for three days. The pain comes and goes, but I also have heartburn and I am feeling bloated all the time.

Dr. van Eyck: Well, let’s take a look. Have you felt nauseous? Does it hurt when I press here?

Nico: Oh yes, that hurts, and I feel nauseous all the time. But, doctor, that’s not all. I’ve also had bad headaches in the past week and I feel fatigued all the time.

Dr. van Eyck: Have you had a stuffy nose, a cough, a sore throat, or an earache?

Nico: Yes, I’ve had all of those.

Dr. van Eyck: You have? All of them?

Nico: And, there’s more. I’ve been feeling pains in my leg. Sometimes it feels stiff and sometimes I lose feeling in it. I’m having a lot of trouble walking.

Dr. van Eyck: I have to say that you have an unusual combination of symptoms. Have there been any significant changes in your life in the past few days?

Nico: Well, my in-laws are visiting from out of town. Do you think you’ll need to admit me into the hospital for tests?

Dr. van Eyck: I’m not sure that’s necessary. Are things really that bad at home?

Nico: You have no idea!

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