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Daily English 234 - Seeing an Eye Doctor

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I’ve been getting a lot of headaches the past few weeks and my co-worker suggested I go see an optometrist.

Dr. Olho: Okay, let’s take a look. Do you wear glasses or contacts?

Virginia: I used to, but I had laser eye surgery three years ago and I don’t wear them anymore.

Dr. Olho: I see. Well, let’s check your vision. It may be that even though your vision was 20/20 after the surgery, it’s changed and you are now either near-sighted or far-sighted. Cover your left eye and take a look at the eye chart. Read the last line that you can make out.

Virginia: I can read the fourth line down – X, C, D, O, M, A.

Dr. Olho: Hmmm...okay. Cover your other eye and do the same. Good. I’m going to have you look through this machine and I want you to tell me if A or B is sharper and clearer. Okay, A or B, A or B?

Virginia: A is a little blurry. I think B is better.

Dr. Olho: Okay, I think that you’ve developed some far-sightedness and will need reading glasses. I’m writing out a prescription for you. When you’ve pick out a frame, give them the prescription and they’ll make your lenses. Any questions?

Virginia: So, do you really think I need reading glasses? I’m not that old.

Dr. Olho: I’m sorry to say that you do. Some people have to get them earlier than others. At least you’re not having any serious eye problems like glaucoma.

Virginia: Yeah, I guess that’s one thing to be grateful for.

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