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Daily English 235 - Parking Instructions

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Slow Speed begins at: 0:53
Explanation begins at: 2:37
Normal Speed begins at: 14:48

I arrived for my meeting at the headquarters of Woon Enterprises and I stopped at the kiosk to ask for directions. It’s a huge organization and the offices are located on a 30-acre compound, so it’s very hard to find your way around without some help.

Guard: Good morning.

Edyta: Good morning. I’m here for a meeting with Mark Johnson. Could you tell me how to get to the right building?

Guard: Sure. Take this road and follow the bend to the right. When you see the fork in the road, take the road on your right. Follow that to the parking structure. You can’t miss it.

Edyta: Okay, so when the road splits, I should veer right.

Guard: That’s right. Here’s a guest parking permit. Make sure it’s visible on your dash at all times. Drive past the lot and go into the parking structure. You can park on any level and in any space that isn’t reserved. The building right next to the structure is where Mark Johnson’s office is.

Edyta: Thanks, I think I’ve got all that.

The guard raised the arm of the gate and let me through. As I drove through the huge compound to the parking structure, I couldn’t help thinking that this Woon must be one very successful businessman.

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